Once Upon a Time there was a city named H-Ville. It was a strange city who’s become infamous for its seemingly strange coma sickness and strange news reports of supernatural sightings. The coma victim’s would often say they discovered a voice after coming into contact with a seemingly random object that caught their eye. The voice would often recite them to tell them their mission is the to find the 3 items possessed by something named dybbuk and destroy them is the only way to elude the curse. The victims would most always become obsess with the said object claiming it give them supernatural abilities and they would die if they were to ever separate from it. Most medical experts think it’s some new strain of a virus that causes mental illness, but strangely enough there were two instances in which the victims did seemingly gain supernatural abilities. But when both were demanded out of the city for further testing they fell into a coma. What strange curse has descended on the city of H-Ville.


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